INSCA LAUNDRY is here to meet the needs of premium washing services for clothes, shoes, bags, and strollers for your little ones in West Jakarta, South Jakarta, & Cinere. Learn more!
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Did you know that a simple appearance, even though it looks clean and neat, will make someone look more charismatic? Especially for those of you who have active work outside the home and often meet lots of people. To look more professional, neatness and cleanliness of appearance must of course be considered. Because a clean and neat appearance can encourage self-confidence to appear better. Therefore, Insca Laundry is here to fulfill your laundry needs with a new service that will answer all your needs.

In collaboration & partnership with Alinear Indonesia x Insca Laundry
Don't worry! INSCA LAUNDRY has spread its wings with a franchise business system and opened in the Meruya area, Joglo, West Jakarta. So, for those of you who live in this area, you are familiar with this salon: JUSTIN SALON. Now, you can bring and drop your clothes, shoes (Premium Wash), bags, strollers, or other apparel or clothing to Justin Salon (West Jakarta).

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Insca Laundry has a very complete laundry service. Here you can get services and laundry services ranging from tops, bottoms, warm clothes, blankets, bed covers, bed sheets, suits and blazers, suites, kebayas, and also party clothes, to shoes, bags, and strollers. Everything is done by professional workers.

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It doesn't stop here, after successfully opening several outlets in the South Jakarta area, now Insca Laundry will open its newest franchise in the West Jakarta and Bintaro areas. So, for those of you who are interested in opening a laundry franchise business with Insca Laundry, contact INSCA Management directly and provide information by clicking the following link.

With the presence of INSCA in the West Jakarta area, you can find several other Insca Laundry outlets in the Cinere area, Pondok Indah Mall 2 (PIM2), Metro Duta Pondok Indah, and Meruya/Joglo. Come on, bring your laundry, and visit the nearest INSCA branch!
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