5 Practical Provision Ideas for Your Little One

Confused about what to prepare for your little one for school? Come on, check out this practical lunch idea!

Marble & Co: An Exquisite Home Decor With A Modern Marble Interior Design

Marble has become a neat and beautiful home decor style choice. This natural stone can add a luxurious and modern impression to every corner of your residence.

Daily Visit Cafe with Comfortable Space To Work At South Of Jakarta

One more cafe recommendation for WFC (Work From Cafe) and a place to hangout in South Jakarta: Bleu Cafe & Space. Let's see more in here!

4 Behaviors of Someone Who Has Leadership Abilities

(#Fact) The most powerful behavior in business is not power or intense competition. But this, you know... Read more!

10 Healthy & Natural Detox for Your Body

A natural method of detoxifying the body that is healthy and must be applied in everyday life...

7 Exciting Legendary Films Time-To-Time to Accompany Your Holidays & New Year

A collection of films that are suitable to watch during the New Year holidays with your partner, friends, and family. Check it out!

10 Unique Christmas Country Traditions In The World

It turns out that every place in the world has unique traditions for celebrating Christmas. Want to know which countries celebrate Christmas in unique ways?

Unique End of Year Holiday Ideas

Still haven't planned where to take your family for your end-of-year vacation? Here are some unique ideas that can inspire your holiday!

Social Media vs SEO, Which is More Important for Business?

The media of choice for business continuity now and in the future. How important is it to your business?

12 Ways to Live Frugally Using Frugal Living

Want to live frugally, but find it difficult to implement it? Maybe you can apply it with Frugal Living for the financial efficiency of your lifestyle. Check it out more!

Be aware of the causes of frequent sleepiness

Often feel sleepy? Be alert to the following signs that could be detrimental to your health!

Trying Simple & Classy Clean Look Fashion Style

Still confused about fashion methods that are simple, and elegant, but always suit you? Try these timeless clean look styling tips! #Fashion #Tas #Sepatu #Beauty #OOTD

8 Healthy Lifestyles for a Longer Life

"Money is valuable, but time is more valuable." Want to Live 20 Years Longer? Try starting to implement these 8 lifestyle styles!

The location of acne on the face reflects body health

Acne that often appears on the face will definitely feel annoying, right? It turns out that the location of acne can indicate a health problem in the body.

The Advantages of Rattan Furniture Compared to Woods

In demand by many groups, rattan is one of the furniture materials whose advantages can be taken into account. Read more in this article!

6 Fine Dining Recommendations for Dining in Yogyakarta (Part 1)

Here are recommendations for fine dining in Yogyakarta for dining with loved ones. Let's check it out here!

Free Tours in Green Open Spaces in Jakarta

Tired of traveling to malls in Jakarta? The following choice of 5 parks could be a destination for those of you who want to travel for free.

Bleu Café & Space: New Hidden Gems In Pondok Indah

Talking about hidden gems is always interesting to follow the newest place in town. This time Alinear Indonesia wants to share a new coffee place that is comfortable for working from a cafe/anywhere (WFC/WFA) near Pondok Indah. Check it out!

10 Hotels in Indonesia from Dutch Colonial Heritage that Still Exist

Staying in a hotel that has existed since the Dutch era in Indonesia certainly has its own experience and impression. Take a look at the following review!

5 Savings Tips for Hotel Stays

Want to vacation in a hotel but limited budget? Don't worry, here are tips for staying at a hotel but still saving money!

Unique Meanings & Expressions of Flower Colors

Let's find the meaning of your favorite flower color here.

5 Facts About Jalan Braga in Bandung

Visiting the city of Bandung is not complete without coming to Jalan Braga. For those of you who are lovers of history and old things, you must come here.

8 Tips & Tricks for Shoe Washing Care #AfterWash by Insca Laundry

Want your shoes to look clean again? Just bring it to INSCA and get special promos! #UntungAdaInscaLaundry

The Benefits Of Reflexology For Your Health

Reflect your body perfectly so you can feel these 8 benefits! Read more!

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