Haka Dimsum to Fix Your Late Night Cravings

Haka Dimsum, 24-hour dimsum restaurant in Kemang.

It feels nothing more pleasant than being able to eat warm, delicious dimsum when hunger strikes you in the middle of the night. Speakin about dimsum, Dimsum Haka which open daily for 24-hour ready to spoil your tongue with affordable yet tasty dimsum.

Occupying second and third floors of a storey in Kemang, in the afternoon you can easily spot people are lining up in front of Haka Dimsum. Posters decorate some walls give the great impression of typical restaurants in Hong Kong.

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Shaomai becomes popular one in here for only Rp19.000 which made of shrimp and chicken. You can also taste Salted Egg Pao for Rp24.000 which is popular among dimsum enthusiasts because this black pao (steamed round bread) filled with melted salted eggs.

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There is also Porridge with Pitan Egg for Rp25.000 which served with chicken chunks, sliced pitan eggs (black chicken or duck eggs fermented with clay, ash, salt, lime and rice water) which was fermented for 3 months more less, cakwe (Chinese crullers), dumpling crackers and sprinkle of scallions.

While Chasiu Panggang Hong Kong which available only at 8 – 9am, 9am – 2.30pm, and 23.30pm – 12.30am (in the next morning) tastes so good so you cannot skip this dish. Soft texture on the onside and perfectly grilled on the outside make this chicken charsiu is popular among dimsum enthusiasts. For the drinks, you should not miss Badak (carbonated drink with sarsaparilla taste) or Chrysanthemum iced to company your dimsum selections.

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