Hidden Bar for a Fun Weekend

BAIA, hidden bar inside Colosseum for fun weekend.

Party-goers might be familiar with name of Colosseum. However, do you ever heard about its hidden gem that always crowd on weekend? BAIA is a new club in Colosseum you should visit with friends this weekend. Officially running for public on August 17, 2019, during their first event, BAIA spoiled party-goers with 17 top DJs and 8 different genres such as Doubledeer, Apsara, Wisdy & Zaldy, Subliminal, Indra 7, Lily Pita, Ohmg (Interrupted), Anton Wirjono and many more.


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With 4 sofas and 6 tables, BAIA can accommodate up to 250 party-goers. For those who like house, progressive, techno, BAIA could be your ideal place. Regarding the FDC (First Drink Compliment) cost, BAIA applies a minimum Rp100.000 and depends on event being held. BAIA opens from 10pm until closing. See you there, fellas!

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