One of Best Rooftop Lounges in Tangerang

Montezuma, one of best rooftop lounges in Tangerang.

If you are trying to find perfect spot to celebrate Valentine’s Day, this rooftop lounge might be ideal choice. Montezuma Rooftop Lounge which located at FM7 Resort Hotel, Tangerang provides a new experience for those who want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with memorable romantic dinner with loved ones.


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It simply because Montezuma has the distinguish atmosphere and food selections which both are equally spoiling. Right above this rooftop lounge, you can enjoy Instaworthy sky view. Coupled with neatly arranged lighting, every corner of Montezuma feels so warm and beautiful to snap with your cameras.


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Along with Instaworthy sky view and warm ambience, Montezuma also ready to spoil your taste buds with line of delicious food. It seems like they brought the Asian, Western, and Mexican food such as Thai Basil Minced Chicken, Oyster Sauce Beef, Monster Burger, Truffle Fries, Hot & Sour Coconut Soup, Gambas a la Plancha, Calamares Fritos and Roasted Duck Rice pack with flavours which perfect to be eaten with any kind of drinks you want.


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Montezuma will help clean your palette with refreshing cocktails and mocktails as well as tea and chocolate-based drinks which even more sweet and delicious to be sipped while enjoying mesmerizing Instaworthy sky view.

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