Bye Bye Plastic Bags Jakarta, Say No to Single-use Plastics

Say no to single-use plastic bags with Bye Bye Plastic Bags Jakarta.

It surely is difficult to keep environment clean by yourself. But, it way easier if you join with this great community, Bye Bye Plastic Bags Jakarta and see the different results. Bye Bye Plastic Bags Jakarta (BBPBJ) is non-governmental organization (NGO) by youths to say no to single-use plastic bags.

Bye Bye Plastic Bags itself is a global communities which was established first in Bali by two talented youths, Melati and Isabel Wijsen. This community aims to invite as much people as well as our government to make Jakarta cleaner without single-use plastic bags. For example, on February 15, BBPBJ held first clean up in this year, gathered at Ragunan with 75 volunteers and collected 20 plastic bags full of garbage.

If you are interested to join with BBPBJ you also help convince other people to more aware of cleanliness their surrounding as well as participating in their next event to clean to this lovely city. Click here to find out latest information of Bye Bye Plastic Bags Jakarta.

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