Indonesian Foods That Must Be Brought When Vacationing Abroad

Here is a list of Indonesian food that must be brought while on vacation. Economical and practical too, you know!
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Planning to go on vacation? It will definitely be fun and exciting. But not infrequently when on vacation to other countries, such as to Europe or America, we miss the food of our own country. To treat your longing for Indonesian cuisine as well as save money while on vacation abroad, bring the following typical Indonesian foods into your suitcase. Read more in this article!
Sambal (Chilli Sauce)
Sambal is a must-have food when traveling abroad. Starting from chili sauce, chili sauce, chili paste, green chili sauce, chili sauce, tomato sauce, etc. But keep in mind, like France forbids tourists to bring tomato sauce. It's a good idea to find out in advance which foods are allowed and not brought into the country you are going to.

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This one piece of food must be carried in your suitcase. Currently, there are various kinds of rendang that are packaged in the form of frozen food. So it is more practical to be processed and eat when you travel abroad. In addition to Rendang which is packaged in frozen food, Batakok Dendeng, Spicy Suir Chicken, Tongkol Suir Rica, and Fried Chicken which is packaged in frozen food can be food ideas that can be taken while on vacation. Make sure you pack it properly. Also, ask the seller whether it can last a long time when taken on a plane for long-distance flights or not. You can order it through a well-known online shop.
Teri Kacang & Kentang (Anchovies & Potatoes)
Currently, many anchovies, peanuts, and potatoes, Mustofa or dried potatoes, are sold and ready to be served. This one menu can also be an additional or complementary menu when dining. It tastes delicious when eaten together with hot rice. Practical, durable, and easy to carry anywhere.
Instant noodles

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Well, if this one is the favorite food of Indonesians in general. In addition to propping up the stomach, the way of serving it is also quite easy and is also suitable to be enjoyed when the air is cold. For spicy lovers, don't forget to add chili sauce to make it more delicious.
Instant Seasoning

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For those of you who choose an apartment as accommodation for your stay while abroad, this is a sign that you have the advantage of cooking for those of you who want to be a bit of a bother. t Because usual apartments for rent have a kitchen and utensils. Instant seasonings that must be brought are spices for fried rice, soup, stir fry, or, curry, etc.
For those of you who like snacks, make sure you bring Indonesian special chips such as potato chips, spicy cassava chips, spicy macaroni, tempeh chips, café noir, Kuping Gajah, and other snacks that are not sold overseas. Guaranteed, it will definitely be fun helping you to save money when traveling abroad.
Sachet Packaging Beverages

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Carrying sachets of drinks can also help you save money while on vacation abroad. Even though this is optional, there's nothing wrong with having it in your suitcase. So whenever you want, you can make it right away without having to order or leave your place of stay. Packaged drinks that can be brought such as coffee, tea, chocolate milk, Energen, Nutrisari, etc.
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